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The Command Center
Good job! Here is a small gift for you for constructing your command center. I will hand you a check.
Reward 500.000 $
The Wargame 1942 Wiki
Do you know already there is a Wiki for Wargame 1942? You will find it to the right under "Game Help". Can you please tell me which number is The Buildings under in the Wiki?
Response 6
Reward 1.000 Diesel
Your first achievement
Congratulations, you have earned your first achievement! Check and see which one you have earned. You will find the button in the tool bar on the top of the screen. Let me know what is is so that I can send out a press release:
Response Commander
Reward 100.000 $
You have mail
Commander, You have mail! The open envelope in the menu tool bar is a new message. You should read it!
Mission objectives
Read the welcome message
Reward 1 Diamonds
Your first revenue
The next thing we should do is earn some money. We need the money to construct buildings, do researching and maintain the troops. We will start with 3 factories. How much income you will earn can be seen when you scroll down to the bottom.
Mission objectives
Construct 3 factories and you are finished
Reward 1 Factory
The next achievement
I have heard there are many more achievements. Unfortunately this list is only intended for the commanders. Can you tell me the amount of achievements there are in the list?
Response 19
Reward 1 Residential Buildings
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